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(Documentary film, 15 minutes, 2022)

On a stormy night in early 2021, a whale’s body washed ashore at Nitzanim beach in Israel. 


Over the documentation of the encounter between people and the carcass, we hear the voices of several witnesses who were present at the rare occurrence. 


From the fabric of responses, a collective experience shines, regarding the dialogue between life and death.

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Ido Weisman

Ido is a Tel Aviv-based director and cinematographer.
Born in 1989 and raised in the northern Israeli village of Nofit, he graduated with a BFA from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University.


The director of several award-winning films, including "Horah" (Documentary, 18 min, 2018), "Pool" (Live-action short, 12 min, 2019), and "Uzzi" (Documentary, 21 min, 2018), which was shortlisted for the BAFTA student awards.


His latest film, "Requiem for a Whale" (Documentary, 15 min, 2022),
has won the prestigious student documentary award at the IDA Awards 2022 and was nominated for Best Documentary Short at the 2023 Israeli Academy Awards.
In addition, the film won the top prize at the Israeli Documentary Forum Awards, as well as the second place and the cinematography awards at the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival 2022.
In August 2023, the film was acquired for distribution in the documentary film section of "The New Yorker" magazine.

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Director | Ido Weisman


Producer | Ido Weisman


Editor | Alex Khosid


Cinematographer | Ido Weisman


Executive Producer | Guy Yaaqov Hammel


Original Music | Dan Ben Haim


Sound Design | Dan Ben Haim,
Mark Melamed


Colorist | Peleg Levi


Graphic Designer | Arava Rubinovich

Artistic Consulting | Ran Tal

Itamar Alcalay, Gadi Rimer
Daniel Binsted

The film's characters:

Tal Yeshua Bar-Moshe, Asaf Kamar, Lotfy Al-Sayeed & Ido Weisman


The film was produced as part of the Eco-Docu project of the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with the Heschel Center for Sustainability.


Project's Producers:

Netalie Braun and Roni Erez

The film is dedicated to my late father, Kobi Weisman, My eternal Lighthouse. 

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World Sales: Go2Films

Requiemforawhale_PressKit_Updated [Recovered]-14.png
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